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Flower Vendor in Old Delhi

There used to be a lose flower market every morning at Fatehpuri, Chandni Chawk. This market has now been shifted to Gazipur in East Delhi, but the memories remain of my many trips to this place hoping that I would get good photographs… I did! This is one of them!

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Chole Bhature in Chandni Chawk

For any passionate photographer in NCR, Chandni Chawk and its lanes are where you start your Street Photography Pilgrimage from… Every weekend you can see a lot of photographers trying to capture everything that you possible can from the place! This is from one of my weekly darshan’s of the place… The man in the […]

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Clay and Dust Weekend

June 03, 2012 - Rally-0553

First half of the last weekend was spent making things out of clay.. here are a few pictures…     And this was followed by shooting a rally in the summer heat accompanied by loads of dust, on the sunday! Though I completely sucked at shooting the Rally, it was a huge learning experience nonetheless! […]

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Yellow Fever

Just a few weeks back, Delhi and surrounding areas were full of these yellow flowers… Seen below are some pictures that I managed to take after finishing a shoot in South Delhi…

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Brasswork at Delhi Haat

Brass work at Dilli Haat

Photographs of some cycles handmade out of brass at Delhi Haat, New Delhi… Enjoy some more of my selected work at AndPictures Facebook Page.

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Prashant Bhardwaj Photography | And Pictures

Have you been to AndPictures? No? I would recommend a visit… That website contains my selected work categorized in different genres! Why AndPictures as the brandname? Because what is around me comes before the pictures! Its people “and pictures”, its “moments” and pictures, its places “and pictures”. If a photograph does not capture the first part of […]

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Chai ki Ketli

Found this Kettle at an IOC Petrol Pump @ Majnu ka Tila (New Delhi) waiting to be clicked! While I was clicking, I was getting all sorts of looks about what on earth was I clicking this one for, but it was fun How was your morning cup of tea today?

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